Book Review – JOBLESS by Alan De Keyrel

JOBLESS (how to quit your day job and begin your climb to the top)

by Alan De Keyrel

As soon as I opened Alan De Keyrel’s book JOBLESS (how to quit your day job and begin your climb to the top) I knew I had to read it. JOBLESS proved to be one of those can’t-put-it-down reads.

This is not a thick book, but it is dense with substance. The layout is open and inviting. De Keyrel employs a highly readable, friendly and conversational writing style, and his book is filled with his own personal experiences as a struggling – and eventually prospering – small business owner. His story is real and immediately accessible which is why his message hits home so strongly: We Can Relate. In fact, you will see yourself and your business more clearly than you ever have before.

Through his exceptional ability to communicate complex concepts in concise understandable language, De Keyrel delivers page after page of highly relevant and immediately useful information for anyone starting a business or trying to figure out how to make their existing business run better. You will see where you have dropped the ball and, more importantly, how you can put it back into play just when you think the game is over. You will see what you have done right and how to make it even better. And you will see it all through the eyes of a real guy who has done what you want to do and made it work.

The book begins with some review of basic business principles, then moves quickly into discussing the things that get in our way and shut us down, the question of whether you own the business or the business owns you, and personal goal setting explained in a way that cuts through all the excuses you’ve ever used to avoid writing things down and figuring them out. De Keyrel shows us it’s just not that hard; we’re actually working harder avoiding the processes that will move us forward than simply getting things done would be.

JOBLESS covers an amazing range of topics, from operations to image to attitude to expertise. De Keyrel emphasizes the importance of people to your business – employees, colleagues, community, family and friends – in a manner that is usually never discussed in other business books. He also shows you what to do with social media, blogs, newsletters and, most importantly, your website. He tells you how to get noticed in all the right ways without the need for a huge promotional budget.

By the time you finish reading JOBLESS you will have more tools than you ever knew existed to build your small business into a bigger business that you can feel good about and be proud of, that you won’t have to kill yourself running, and that will sustain you and your family for many years to come.

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