Book Review – Becoming a Manager by Linda A. Hill

Becoming a Manager: How New Managers Master the Challenges of Leadership

by Linda A. Hill

People tend to naturally lean toward the dynamics of leadership, or the structure of management. Only rarely are both talents innately present in equal measure, but both are necessary to some degree in each capacity. As a management position is likely in my future at some point, I want to better understand how management differs from leadership, how aspects of supervision and management compare, and how one can balance leadership aptitudes with management skills.

“Becoming a Manager” by Linda A. Hill is not like other how-to books; it is a progressive dissection of case studies detailing how a group of first-time managers learned about management during their first year in the position. This is a ground-level examination of the frustrations, illuminations, and basic growing pains former producing employees experienced as they transitioned out of one functional capacity and into a completely different and unexpected new role within their companies.

Because of this experiential insight, “Becoming a Manager” is a much deeper learning tool for anyone either becoming a manager for the first time, or wanting to understand how to better supervise new managers by seeing exactly what they are seeing – and what they are not.

With this book, I have a much clearer expectation of what I will encounter as a manager, how my supervisory experience benefits me in a managerial role, and how to avoid the pitfalls other new managers fall into.

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